billy in vegas





Billy had always been a cautious gummy bear but stepping of the plane he could smell danger, opportuninties and a different kind of life in the air. All he had believed in up to this point would be questioned, dismanteled in the following days.
He had come to town to see a show for his birthday, his 60 to be exact. He had never been before and had not deemed himself a gummy bear interested in this city and its allure. However one grey day in Pennsylvania a billboard had caught his attention. Pink mushroom, the legendary performer, would return to the stage after nearly two decades for one night only. One night only in the city of sin. Something in Billy called out to him in that moment as if he had been ignoring a part of himself for all this time. And without a moment of doubt or hesitation he had booked the tickets, made this plan even though he knew his siblings would come to town to celebrate with him. …
Will Billy catch his show? What are his sibling thinking? Why is Mushroon returning now at this point in time? And what is the meaning of the pink dice that Billy has been seeing in his dreams?

All questions we won’t answer here but if Billy in Vegas is your pair we will be glad to answer them all …