༺♡Yeti mushroom bag♡༻





This is the ultimate Yeti mushroom bag by elina.chauan.fashion!! 🤍

The Yeti mushroom bag is completely unique and handmade by elina.chauan.fashion – down to the sewing pattern. (Ultimate Fluff🤩)

The first thing that will captivate you about this bag is its incredibly soft exterior. The fluffy fabric feels so delightful that you won’t want to take your hand off it. Whether you hug it or run your fingers over it, you’ll be enchanted by the gentle touch it offers.

This bag is not just a sensory experience; it’s also highly practical. It provides ample space to securely store all your essentials. Whether it’s your wallet, phone, notebook, or other accessories, this bag keeps everything neatly organized.


Shipping nationwide and cute note is included ˙ᵕ˙

If you would like to have it shipped throughout Europe, you can send me an email or message me on Instagram, and I will try to make it possible. (E- Mail: Elina.Chauan@web.de)